Studio Wink - Process

While every project is different, the basic steps are relatively the same. Below is an overview of what to expect when working with studiowink.

Discovery Studio Wink Process - Step One, Discovery

studiowink strives to understand the core objectives and business goals of your project. Usually the first step is to interview you, the client, because no one knows more about your objectives and business than you do. We are comprehensive asking a series of questions meant to cull out the essential nuggets we need to produce creative gold. We may also interview other key members of your team. We conduct competitive research. We review past materials and industry articles. Lastly, we may submit a creative brief detailing our findings for your approval. All this is done before we begin the ideation phase.

Creative Studio Wink Process - Step 2, Creative

Once we have our homework completed we start the nebulous idea-generating phase of the project. Generally this stage involves lots of sketching, design research (What font represents the client best? What colors evoke the emotions the customer should feel?) Once we have a game plan, we begin realizing the creative on the computer and develop the initial concepts into a presentation for your review.

Revision Studio Wink Process - Step 3, Revision

Collaboration is the key to this next step. studiowink works with you to tweak, edit, refine, correct and sharpen the vision. Sometimes this step is minor with small changes to the initial concepts. Other times this stage becomes more involved and requires rounds of back and forth as objectives shift and goals change as the project develops.

Execution Studio Wink Process - Step 4, Execution

Once studiowink has nailed all the little details and you have signed off on the creative direction we begin finalizing files and heading toward the finish line.

Smiles Studio Wink Process - Step 5, Smiles

The last step is delivery. studiowink wraps up the project. Our goal is to meet yours. Our hope is that when your receive your finished product, your reaction is a smile. But even for the satisfied customer the work doesn’t end here. Although the project may be done, studiowink remains active in supporting you beyond the completion of the project. We often check back in to see how the project is working out for you and follow up to support you further.

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