A collection of published articles by studiowink's principal

Righting Wrongs

When most people spot a typo on a sign, they may smirk or make a snide comment. But ultimately, most chalk up the mess to human error and walk away. read article

A Picture’s Worth

His gaze is steady and soft. He stares forward in a dreamy fog. And though he looks you straight in the eye, sunlight from a nearby doorway glinting off the dark pools of his pupils, it is evident his thoughts are elsewhere. read article

Past Lives

It felt like I was leaving the mob for the witness protection program. Making the decision to leave my past career of journalism for graphic design seemed
impossible at the time. read article

The Grad School Question

Christine Brooks was at the perfect point in her design career to consider graduate school. She had six years of professional experience behind her, no kids, some time, much ambition and a yearning to push herself to the next level. read article

Viva la Dream, Viva la Difference!

It had been my dream ever since I was a young girl. The scene had played in my head like a television rerun. There I was, sitting by the Champs-Elysée eating flaky, buttery croissants and exchanging banter with the locals, while the reverberating voice of Edith Piaf softly drifted through a hidden speaker behind an ornate mahogany bar manned by a handsome, dark-haired, mustached Frenchman named Pierre wiping dry large café au lait saucers. You could say my fantasy of moving to Paris was a vivid one, complete with its
own soundtrack.read article

Design Generation

It wasn’t your conventional classroom. We sat huddled together around a couple of steel tables within the Prudential Mall food court. Commercialism cradled us with neon signs for pizza, Chinese and New England clam chowder. Branded napkins littered the floor and food peddlers summoned us to sample goodies. Unorthodox as it was, it proved to be the perfect setting for our learning exercise.read article

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