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August 2013
Yes, we've had some work done

You know the old saying... “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Or in my case, they had very, very old ones.

For years I dreamed of redesigning studiowink’s identity and website. It was a task that simmered on the back burner. But like the cobbler, when times are busy — which luckily they have been — the clients got the shoes/work while my poor little site went barefoot.

Studiowink strives to deliver service with a wink of humor Last year I celebrated a big anniversary. My little company turned five. I felt I had to do something to mark this event. So I began doing for myself what I preach to others. I took a hard look at my brand and didn’t like what I saw. The site no longer reflected what I wanted to express about my company. While I still enjoyed the humor of my site, my visual aesthetic had much evolved since version 1.0. And my goals for my company’s identity and site had changed.

I began the arduous task of taking inventory. (I’ll share a little secret: We designers are really good at what we do for others. But when it comes to doing what we do for ourselves, we are full of self-doubt. Luckily, I had a lot of help from my trusted clients and my wonderful partner, George, who keeps me grounded and honest in everything I do.) I asked myself, “What differentiates studiowink from all the designer shops out there?”

The answer I devined may not sound revolutionary, but it was true: ME.

Any decent designer can produce a solution. But the reason I’ve been told people hire studiowink is because I deliver creative solutions at a fair price and with a friendly attitude.

This last point is a very important aspect to why I started my business. I really wanted to create a business where my clients and I partner to come up with the right solution while having a good time. I strive to always deliver friendly service with a wink of humor even in the face of impossible demands. I’d say I’m mostly successful at this, and that’s what has allowed studiowink to flourish.

From this my tagline was born: Design services with a wink and a smile. (The word services because I offer more than just design.) And the logo just seemed destined from there — warm yellow because it’s bright and cheerful, soft rounded type to convey friendliness and flexibility, and of course a wink to match our signature name.

Once the identity was nailed, it was finally time to tackle the website. It has taken over a year and a half to get to this point. I designed, photographed, wrote, revised, hired a developer, produced, and launched this new site all during stolen moments. Usually this time was on weekends or the wee hours of the night when my clients, friends and family snoozed. Now I can finally rest myself knowing that my job is momentarily done. (Given how long it has taken me to create this site, I might want to start on the next one right away!)

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the new site. And if I’ve done my job right, the expression on your face is one of a wink and a smile!

Thanks for reading, for looking at my work, for your patience and for your continued support.

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